February 19, 2017

Stingray City Eco Tour

Stingray City 5-Stop Tour

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5-Stop Tour Includes

1Stingray City Sandbar
Hold and feed wild stingrays (1.5 hours)
2Barrier Reef
Snorkeling (1.5 hour)
3Starfish Point
Hold and take pictures with the starfish (45 minutes)
4Rum Point
Option to buy lunch from Rum Point restaurant (1 hour)
5Mangrove Forest
See birds and iguanas that inhabit this ecosystem (15 minutes)

Tour Highlights

  • Small Groups
    (12 guests max per tour - often less)
  • Full Excursion
    (Tour lasts a full 5 hours)
  • Complimentary Drinks
  • Option to Buy Lunch at Rum Point Restaurant
  • Hold and Feed Wild Stingrays
  • Snorkel Gear and Life Vests Included!

$99 USD Per Person

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Driving Directions to Tour Departure Location:

Cayman Islands Yacht Club (dock B) This is a 5 to 10 minute drive from hotels and condos on Seven Mile Beach.

Questions? Contact Us • 1-345-923-7078 Email: info@GeorgesWatersports.ky

Featured Tour

Stingray City 5-Stop Tour

First stop is stingray sandbar. This is the largest sandbar in Cayman, and this is where you will be able to hold and feed the rays. Since it is a sandbar, the ocean here is only 2-3 feet deep (depending on the conditions) so you are easily able to stand up. If you are not a confident swimmer, we have life jackets which will keep you afloat. We always have at least one tour guide in the water with you, ensuring everyone is safe. We provide complementary squid to all of our guests so that you can hand-feed the rays. Your guides will show you how to properly handle and feed them; and since we have a 1:6 staff to guest ratio, you will never be lost in a large crowd, unlike other companies who take up to 60 people per tour. These are Southern Stingrays which are very safe and calm, and are native to the Cayman Islands. We never take more than 12 guests per tour, and often take less.

Second stop is the Barrier Reef. Here you can snorkel along a reef system that is home to thousands of brightly colored fish. You will also see other types of marine life like lobsters and turtles. If you are not a strong swimmer, or you have never snorkeled before, you will be given a life jacket which will keep you afloat. Your guides will also explain to you how to snorkel if you have never done it before; no experience is required. If you feel more comfortable staying on the boat, then you can help yourself to a complimentary drink and wait until everyone else is finished snorkeling.

Third stop is Starfish Point. This is an isolated stretch of beach on the north-side of Grand Cayman that is home to dozens of starfish which you can hold and take pictures of. We are one of the only tour operators that go to both stingray city and Starfish Point. These starfish thrive in the shallow waters off the coast, and this particular area has a very high density of them. They have tiny legs that allow them to slowly move across the sea-floor, meaning that our guides will find them upon arrival. These starfish are relatively rare, making this a unique experience. This is another location that is difficult to reach by driving, meaning that our boat excursion provides convenience for people looking to see as many things as possible, without spending hours driving.

Fourth stop is Rum Point. Rum Point is a beach which is home to the best drinks in Grand Cayman. Here you will have a chance to take pictures and explore the area. You also have the opportunity to buy lunch from the Rum Point restaurant. There is also a small beach-bar, bathroom facilities and a souvenir shop. This is one of Cayman's oldest attractions, having been around for over 25 years. Most tourists want to visit Rum Point, but are discouraged by the idea of having to drive a long way to reach it; our tour eliminates the need to drive long distances since we arrive directly by boat.

Fifth stop is the mangrove forest. Our guides will explain how this ecosystem plays a vital role in protecting Cayman’s coastline, and how the mangroves impact local fish populations. You may also see a large variety of birds living among the mangroves, such as egrets, herons and if you are lucky the rare Cayman parrot. There is a large Green Iguana population that inhabits the mangroves. You are guaranteed to see dozens of these reptiles as you cruise past. These iguanas are also great swimmers, which is how they reach the mangroves in the first place. After the mangroves, the tour will finish by returning to the original location.

Your Adventure Awaits

Our half-day adventure begins by setting off on our customized speed boat to visit the world-famous Stingray City Grand Cayman, where you can hand-feed and swim with the rays; after this, you will snorkel at the vibrant barrier reef where you will see hundreds of colorful fish. After snorkeling, you will be taken to Starfish Point, which is a secluded beach where you can take pictures and hold wild starfish. After this, you will journey to Rum Point where you can buy lunch from the beach-side restaurant and bar. The final stop of this adventure is the mangrove forest.

Our tours are led by friendly and professional guides, and we never take more than 12 people per tour, ensuring that you have a great time, without the crowds. We also provide free round-trip transport from your condo/hotel if you don’t have your own vehicle.

We never take more than 12 people per tour. We are the leader in small group excursions, which is one of the reasons why our Stingray City tours are the best in the Cayman Islands. We are the only tour operator who takes small groups on a customized speed boat. Other companies take you on slow and uncomfortable boats, which lack anything to do with excitement and fun. Our small groups ensure that you will learn much more about Cayman's local history and environment because you will be able to directly ask your guides anything you want, whereas other companies have so many people on their tours, you don’t even get a chance to interact with the crew.

As the sun sets, you will journey back to the docks, which is where your day of fun will end. This is a must do activity whilst you are visiting the Cayman Islands. Nowhere else in the world can you experience anything like this, making this truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. George's Watersports is the go to company in the Cayman Islands for anyone who is looking for a great experience. Whether you are planning a family outing, or a romantic trip with your partner, we cater to everyone. The small tour groups that we operate with is what really sets us apart. No other company even comes close to our tour sizes. We max out at 12 guests max per trip, and often take even less; this allows our guests to interact with our friendly and professional guides, allowing you to learn about Cayman's local history, and you will be able to appreciate the small things about Cayman that you may have not known about if you took a tour with a larger group.

Each destination on this excursion is unique and exciting, making this adventure something you will never forget. The consistently warm weather allows us to operate year-round, so no matter which month you arrive, we will be able to accommodate your group. The tour operates in a body of water known as "North Sound" which is protected by a barrier reef. The barrier reef blocks the big waves from the deeper sea, meaning that the conditions are calm 90 per cent of the time. To make a booking, simply fill out the reservation form and we will get back to you with 24 hours, or call us.

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