October 18, 2015

Bioluminescence Tours

Escape The Crowds On Our Bioluminescence Tour!
Free Transport & 12 Guest Max

About Us

George started "George's Watersports" in early September 2014.

In the beginning, there was a focus on kayak tours, but since then, George has moved the business into boat tours and paddle board rentals.

George grew up in the Cayman Islands, meaning that he has extensive experience in watersports.

He has operated hundreds of bioluminescence tours in the Bio Bay, so you can expect the highest quality experience possible.

George aims to deliver the best value for money to all of his guests.

Video Showing Bioluminescence:

Tour Description

The excursion is 2 hours long.

The bioluminescence tour begins with a 20 minute boat ride to the Bio Bay.

Once at the Bio Bay, your professional guides will explain the bioluminescent phenomenon. It is caused by millions of tiny plankton known as dinoflagellates. The plankton emit light when moved at night.

You have the option to snorkel with the bioluminescence. The visibility of the bioluminescence is 10x better in the water with a snorkel and mask.

The mask allows you to see thousands of bright sparkles underwater.

You don't have to go into the water.

If you stay on the boat, the view of the bioluminescence is the same as if you were on a kayak; it's just significantly more impressive in the water with a mask.

- Water is NOT cold.
- There are definitely NO sharks.
- Water depth where we snorkel is only 4 feet deep.
- Bio Bay is a calm area with no waves or currents; close to land.
- There are NO jellyfish in the winter months; however, in the summer, there can sometimes be jellyfish. These jellyfish are NOT a problem because we have full body wet suits, dive shoes and dive gloves; if you wear this you can not get stung. Even if you got stung (which you won't), it doesn't hurt and only itches for 5 minutes.

  • We Offer Free Transport
  • Bio Tour Leaves From The Cayman Islands Yacht Club, Which Is Near Seven Mile Beach
  • 20 Minute Boat Ride To Bioluminescent Bay
  • 12 Guests Max Per Tour
  • Free Beer, Bottled Water And Sodas
  • Snorkel Equipment Provided
  • Increased Bio Visibility When Using Mask
  • Comfortable & Fast Boat
  • $79 USD/Person - No Hidden Taxes or Fees
  • Maximum Weight Is 250 Pounds
  • Minimum Age Is 4 Years Old

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Bio Bay Experience

Pictures Of Our Boat Below:

We Use This Boat For Our Bioluminescence Snorkel Tours

Our Engines - Twin Evinrude 2017 250hp Outboards

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  • We Offer Free Round-Trip Transport From Hotels, Condos and Cruise Ship Port.

We offer the most exciting Cayman bioluminescence tour. Take comfort on our customized speed boat that will take you to the Grand Cayman bioluminescent bay, without the physical effort of having to kayak. We are the only company that operates near Seven Mile beach. Other companies would have you drive an hour to the other side of the island to see the same thing, but with us, it is a short 5-minute drive from all the hotels and condos on Seven Mile beach. We also offer free transport.

The main difference between the bio kayak and bio boat tour is that on the boat tour, you are able to get off the boat and swim in the bioluminescent bay, whereas you cannot get into the water on the bio kayak tour for safety reasons. Most people think that the bioluminescent kayak tour is better, but this isn't true. The boat snorkel excursion is much better.

This phenomenon is caused by millions of tiny single-celled organisms known as “Dinoflagellates”. When you move the ocean with your hand or paddle, you will be amazed by the bright light that erupts from the waves; this unique experience can only be truly appreciated in person since videos and pictures don’t do full justice.

Another reason why we offer a superior experience compared to our competitors is that our bioluminescent boat and snorkel tour departs from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. This is only a five-minute drive from hotels and condos along Seven Mile beach. Other companies would have you drive at night all the way to the other side of the island which takes an hour each way, when you can just drive five minutes to us to see the exact same bioluminescence. We also offer free pick up service from your hotel or condo if you don’t have your own vehicle, whereas other companies don’t offer transport. We also take small groups, meaning that there are never crowds. 

A large part of this experience is the amazing night sky. Being out on the water at night, away from any major source of light pollution, allows you to appreciate the stars as you make your way to the Grand Cayman bioluminescent bay. Most people never get to see the beauty of the stars because they are stuck living in urban areas that are rampant with light pollution, but here in the Cayman Islands, you will be able to get away from all the light pollution on our tours.

Grand Cayman bioluminescent kayak tours don't allow you to see the bio as well as you can when snorkeling. Our boat tour operates on a spacious and exciting speed boat. Every tour has two experienced, friendly and professional guides who will makes sure everyone is safe and has a great time.

Our tour depart from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. The best Bioluminescent kayak tour Cayman has to offer is no where near as enjoyable as the boat/snorkel version. There are restroom facilities, a convenience store, lots of parking and a modern harbor facility, making this the ultimate location for any water sports company to operate from.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and so few people have ever been lucky enough to witness this amazing spectacle. This is a great activity for friends and families who are looking for something everyone can enjoy. One of the great aspects of our bio-adventure is that it appeals to everyone. Many activities such as diving or parasailing may only appeal to certain members in your group, but everyone wants to see this spectacular event in Grand Cayman.

Driving Directions to Tour Departure Location:

Cayman Islands Yacht Club (dock B)
This is a 5 to 10 minute drive from hotels and condos on Seven Mile Beach.

Questions? Contact Us • 1-345-923-7078
Email: info@GeorgesWatersports.ky