January 11, 2017

Grand Cayman Fishing

Cayman Deep Sea Fishing Charters

We offer the ultimate deep sea fishing experience in the Cayman Islands. Our seasoned captain will take you on our custom 30-foot center-console boat to catch the island's best fish.

Certain types of fish are more easily caught during specific periods of the year. There are always lots of fish to catch, but make sure to plan ahead so that you know what to expect. Contact us to find out what times of the year you can catch Blue Marlin, Yellow-Fin Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi.

All of our charters are led by a friendly and professional local guide. This ensures that you will be able to learn from an experienced local who knows the Cayman waters. We go the extra mile to ensure that all of our guests have the best possible time.


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Reef Fishing

We also offer reef fishing from our 30-foot center-console boat. This is ideal for people who want to still catch lots of fish, but in slightly calmer, shallower waters. We set anchor just inside the barrier reef, meaning that the reef itself protects us from the waves in the open ocean.

There is a large variety of smaller fish that can be caught by the reef, such as: Snappers, Jacks and Grouper. We also can catch local Caribbean lobsters and conch; this, however, is subject to the time of year as there are some months where it is illegal to catch conch and lobsters in the Cayman Islands.

Send us an email or call us to find out why our reef fishing charters are a great activity for friends and family looking for a fun way to spend the day on the water. We can also prepare the fish that you catch so that you can take it home with you.

Yellow-Fin Tuna:  November to June

Blue Marlin:   All Year Round

Mahi-Mahi:  February to November

Wahoo:  Caught from November to July

Swordfish:  variables include the moon, weather and tides

Sailfish:  From June to September (rare catch)

Grouper:  Can be caught year-round, but is a rare catch

Jacks:  Caught all year round

Conch:  1st November to end of April

Caribbean Lobster:  1st December to end of February

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Book A Fishing Charter With Us

Whether your first trip to the Caribbean or you are a regular visitor, you should certainly plan a fishing charter while you are visiting Grand Cayman. Doing so will allow you to appreciate the beautiful offerings of the retreat in a whole new way.

The Cayman Islands is a collection of three islands that are located in the west of the Caribbean Sea. The rich history has led to a wide range of nationalities populating the island, which makes it a unique and exciting place to spend time. Still a territory of the United Kingdom, the land falls under the reign of Queen Elizabeth to this day. Tens of thousands of folks live here and there are many activities designed to entertain the tens of thousands more who visit annually.

While you are enjoying your fishing charter, you can find a wide range of big game fish as potential catches. Of course, what is available on any given day depends on the fish that happen to be swimming in the waters. In addition to the bigger game, there are also smaller fish available that can provide great photo materials.

Quite often, the folks that charter fishing trips are interested in the sport of fishing and prefer to release the fish once photos have been taken. If you want to keep the catch, it must fall within the local fishing regulations.

The Grand Cayman fishing season is in effect year round, though the fish availability will vary depending on when you visit. For those seeking the ever-popular Blue Marlin, luck is on your side. This well-known catch is present off the coast of Grand Cayman throughout the year, so the chances you will get one during your trip are pretty good.

Save for the few months of winter on the calendar, you can catch Mahi-Mahi during most of the year. Swordfish can be caught in practically any month though there are other considerations when seeking these big game fish. Not only will the current and upcoming weather influence their whereabouts, the phases of the moon and tide are also factors. If you have a particular interest in going after swordfish, let the staff know when arranging your fishing charter. While the weather is out of everyone's control, the trip can be scheduled for a good time in regards to the lunar cycle and the tides.

Although you might not think about a tropical area like the Cayman Islands having seasons, there are influences this close to the equator. For example, during the hottest months of the year, sailfish are seen around Grand Cayman from time to time. These are an incredibly rare catch that show from June to September. Make sure you have your camera ready should you be lucky enough to catch one of these amazing big game fish.

Most folks think of the stuff that comes in a can when the word tuna gets mentioned. However, the Yellowfin Tuna that you find off the coast of Grand Cayman is a far cry from that flaky mess. These incredible fish are amazingly strong swimmers and have some of the most delicious meat you will ever taste when cooked fresh. Even if you want to release the fish, you are sure to appreciate being able to see one up close!
From November through July, you can also catch Wahoo off Grand Cayman.

In addition to the larger catches, you can also find several species of snapper and jacks throughout the year. On rare occasions, folks catch grouper. Additionally, conch and lobster can be harvested during season.

Some of our customers also enjoy our inside the reef fishing options. These trips stick a bit closer to the land and allow you to find plenty of delicious and attractive species to show off on Instagram to the folks back at home.

It is important to remember that you must obey the local laws when you are fishing in Grand Cayman. Generally, using a charter or guide is advisable so you know the correct places to go and don't inadvertently break any rules.

For instance, spear fishing with any type of spear is against the law. In fact, you can't even bring spears with you when visiting.

Although grouper are allowed, there are some strict rules you must follow. Other species must be at least eight inches in length.

Harvesting turtles and their eggs is restricted. Lobster and conch have short seasons and harvest restrictions.

Meanwhile, you cannot feed the sharks nor attract them in any manner.

You can have a wonderful time on your trip to Grand Cayman. Book a fishing charter with us and remember to follow these suggestions as you are planning your time in this Caribbean paradise away from home!