October 18, 2015

Private Charters

Cayman Private Charters

We offer customizable Cayman private boat charters for anyone looking for a more exclusive experience. Our 30 foot center console speed boat is perfect for groups of up to 14 people. There is a wide variety of activities and destinations that we can take you to on our comfortable boat, including the very popular Stingray City; here you are able to stand in a shallow sandbar (2-3 feet of water), and hold and hand-feed the majestic rays that have made this the number one attraction in the Cayman Islands.

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Private Charter Information:
Our 30-foot boat can hold up to 14 guests
Complimentary drinks
Complimentary squid to feed the stingrays
Snorkel gear and life vests included
Free round-trip transport from hotels, condos and cruise ship port

Picture of the Type of Boat we Use:

George's Watersports

Cayman Islands Yacht Club (dock B)

Contact Us: 1-345-923-7078 • info@GeorgesWatersports.ky

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  • We Offer Free Round-Trip Transport From Hotels, Condos and Cruise Ship Port.

Driving Directions to Tour Departure Location:

Cayman Islands Yacht Club (dock B)
This is a 5 to 10 minute drive from hotels and condos on Seven Mile Beach.

Questions? Contact Us • 1-345-923-7078
Email: info@GeorgesWatersports.ky

Our company is unique in that we offer a comfortable private charter service where we can take you on a trip tailored to your specific needs and wishes. Our 30-foot boat can hold up to 14 guests, which provides for a comfortable and spacious experience on the boat with your friends and family. We offer the opportunity to stop at all of the famous sights offered on the 5-stop group tour with George’s Water Sports. Many people opt to charter our boat instead of going on a group tour to have a more private experience with their friends and family. We have an experienced crew who will insure that everyone on the boat in safe and enjoying themselves. We have complimentary drinks, snorkel gear, life vests and squid to feed the stingrays. The combination of a private comfortable boat, beautiful scenery and a knowledgeable crew makes this private charter an unbeatable choice.

During the charter, we are able to take you to Stingray City, which is a sand bar where you are able to see the stingrays. The sand bar is situated in North South and is a truly idyllic sight where one can see the stingrays from the boat through the crystal blue water. The sand bar is only 2-3 feet deep, which means that one can stand waist deep in the water and see the stingrays up close. This is a breath-taking experience and is unique to the Grand Cayman. The southern stingrays are very safe and friendly, therefore we are able to feed the stingrays and complimentary squid is included to do this.

There are many fantastic snorkeling opportunities in North South. The benefit of a private charter is that we can take you to various snorkel spots away from the crowds of tourists. Our crew has incredible knowledge of the island and where to see stunning pockets of coral and fish. North Sound is protected by a barrier reef, which makes snorkeling within the Sound easy and safe. The water is up to 20 foot deep and one can easily see the bottom due to the clarity of the sea. We have life jackets and floats for people who are not strong swimmers to make their snorkeling experience more enjoyable. Seeing various species of tropical fish, like Parrot fish, Jacks and Snappers is guaranteed on our tour.

Starfish Point is a recommended stop during our private charter as we are able to see many starfish. The star fish tend to be a bright red in color and are very beautiful. Starfish point is an isolated stretch of beach, which can be easily accessed by boat from North Sound. The starfish are gentle creature, which one can carefully handle. Seeing these creatures on the tour is an exciting opportunity to learn more about them and observe them in their natural environment. Starfish Point is also the best place to see star fish in Grand Cayman because there is a highly dense population of them living there, which is unusual for the island.

During the private charter, we can take you to Rum Point to buy lunch from the local beach restaurant, which serves local Caribbean dishes. Here, you can have the opportunity to try local fish and their famous Mud Slide, which is a popular combination. It is a relaxing stretch of beach with hammocks, beach chairs and a small souvenir shop. Rum Point is a popular stop for families because there is plenty to do and the customer service is superb. Kaibo is another local restaurant on the beach, which serves great food and drinks and is another possible restaurant to visit. Depending on your preference, we can tailor this part of the tour to your individual requests.

North Sound is surrounded by many beautiful mangrove forests and during the charter we can explain how the mangrove plays a vital role in the local ecosystem and protecting Cayman’s coastline during strong storms. For those of you who are interested in seeing some wildlife, a trip to the mangrove will allow you to see a large variety of birds like herons, egrets, pelicans and if you are lucky the Cayman parrot. There is an abundance of Green Iguanas living within the mangrove and you are guaranteed to see these reptiles when you cruise past, which is always an exhilarating experience.

This tour is flexible, fun, and great value for money. We will guarantee you the opportunity to tailor the private charter to your wishes, which means you can spend more or less time at different stops. Furthermore, the tour is a fantastic way to learn about the local environment and eco system in Grand Cayman, while seeing the wild life first hand. The highly skilled crew are the perfect guides to the island and will provide you with local insight about Grand Cayman.